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Daniel from Los Angeles

When I first started with Equally, I had recently been laid off from a remote position in a Twitter-like fashion. It was a real slap in the face after working there for a year and having had great performance, all for it to end without warning one morning with a meeting titled "Research updates".

The biggest change I experienced while working with Equally is a new sense of self-confidence.

We also explored, not only what I needed to achieve (i.e., livable wage full-time work), but also what I want to do in the future. Through a dual lense, I was able to focus on short term survival and care, and on an ideal version of what I would want my life to look like in the future.

The sessions were an incredible support to have during a rough and stressful time and I don't know what would have happened without them.

Linda from Berlin

I discovered Equally when I had just lost my first real job after finishing university due to a mass layoff and had no idea how to cope with this new situation of being jobless. I had always wanted to work with a coach to find the right career for me but never been able to afford it before, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

For as long as I could remember, I only ever chose the path that other people in my life wanted me to follow. However, since working with Clara, I have finally built up the courage to pursue the career that, deep down, I have always wanted. Although the process was anything but easy, working with Clara has been therapeutic. She taught me how to believe in my abilities, dream big, but at the same time, set realistic goals.

With her empathetic and non-judgmental approach, she helped me grow into a more confident version of myself. I am very fortunate to have met Clara and cannot thank her enough for believing in me.

Guiseppe from Rome

I had the privilege of working with Rebekka during a challenging phase in my career journey, and I can't recommend her enough for the invaluable couching support she has provided. Losing a job can be tough, and while I am in the midst of still navigating the job market, having Rebekka as my guide, the journey has become significantly less overwhelming.

Rebekka became a trusted ally during this phase, offering a listening ear, positive energy, and practical suggestions that made a real difference. Her empathetic approach turned what could have been a stressful period into an opportunity for reflection and new opportunities.

If you're navigating career uncertainties and need someone not just for professional guidance but as a genuine source of support, Rebekka is your go-to person. Huge thanks for being my support, Rebekka.

Daveed from Sacramento

From our very first session, Clara’s caring nature was evident. She created a safe and supportive environment that encouraged open dialogue and personal growth. Her genuine interest in my challenges and aspirations made me feel seen and understood.

She went above and beyond to ensure I had the tools and resources I needed to achieve my goals. Her unwavering support and belief in my potential have been a constant source of motivation.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her and would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking transformational growth in their career.

The Team

We are here to listen, help you process this situation


work out this next phase with you.

Hi, Rebekka here.

German girl, based in the Netherlands by ways of the UK & the US.

In my day to day coaching practice, I support introverted leaders & entrepreneurs who want to maximise their confidence and create a life & biz that is aligned with their core values.

Equipped with two master degrees (MBA & Innovation) and a decade of working experience, in marketing and business development, I found myself unemployed and without direction... in a new country.

It was rough! Resurfacing from years in different workspaces that I never felt were right for me. After making my jobtitle and salary my whole personality for so long - I felt lonely and lost. I could have used someone who gave me space to think out loud, without judgement. Giving me a a chance to get out of my own head and finally start doing what I actually loved.

So that is what we are doing right now. Helping you to figure it out.

I am coaching in German and English.

Hiya, I’m Clara

I'm half-English half-Spanish, currently based in Portugal by the way of Barcelona, Amsterdam & most recently Rio de Janeiro (where I spent time coaching teens at a local school in one of the cities’ communities).

I have spent the past 10+ years working in different environments from corporate to creative. Multi-interested at heart, I have a background that ranges from event organizing & the music industry, to team development and language teaching. If you hadn’t yet guessed, I’m not the linear career type.

As a coach, I support creatives and entrepreneurs in finding the guts to bring their ideas to life and invest in what actually excites them.

Let’s talk about unemployment for a minute, I’ve been there, and man was it a stressful time. Looking back on my experience, having someone to help me figure out my next steps and what truly excited me would've been a game-changer & that’s exactly how I want to show up for you today.

You are not alone, and we really mean that.

Coaching in English, Spanish and Catalan.

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